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solar panels

Where innovation for cost effectiveness

becomes success

High PID Resistant

TM-Series has proved resistance to degradation induced power.

High efficiency and durability

Manufacturing process certified, excellent performance under low light environments.

Advanced Glass

High transmission glass resulting in increased energy production.



committed to


International Certifications

IEC 61215, IEC 61730, MCS (BS EN 61215), PID, WEEE, PV Cycle, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, are some of the certifications that accredit us as product and company.

Manufacturing Process

Our automated manufacturing process helps us to obtain the best finishes of our modules.

Quality control

We submit the entire production chain to the strictest quality controls, guaranteeing the maximum performance of TM-Series®


12 years of product and 30 years of production.


Positive Tolerance in all our modules.


by minimizing the effect of shading. (9 BUS bar).


Reliability tested through PVEL's rigorous waterproofing tests.


Resistance to dust, acids and alkali, hail proof.


Wind Pressure of 2400 pa and snow pressure of 5400 pa.

Optimised Energy Solution: Tamesol Solar Panels


With an exclusive range of innovative solar panels, Tamesol’s robust advancement continues to help its clients to achieve their goals seamlessly. From industrial, commercial to utility clients, we function with the diverse requirements of each client, application, and site to facilitate the right services and products. Tamesol has been offering the best solar panels by improving our equipment. Our focus on product innovation has enabled us to remain a leading and esteemed organisation in the solar PV industry.


As opposed to other solar panels variants available in the market, Tamesol incorporated a cell-string level optimizer into the robust solar panel. We strive to offer advanced smart solutions to our clients globally and enhance the reliability and performance of solar panels. Under any situation, our solar panels can optimise power output to improve energy harvest. We offer a higher level of energy efficiency and eradicate hot-spots problems.


Uncover Exclusive Features of Solar Panels


  • Our solar panels provide excellent performance with phenomenal efficiency.
  • The solar panels provide high transmission glass causing improved energy production.
  • Aesthetically engaging and uniform modules.
  • The best solar panels are durable and highly efficient.
  • It is suitable for low light environments and functions in any surroundings.
  • The exclusive and robust design optimises the fundamental cell surface’s contemporary collection, which guarantees more power output.
  • Enhanced charge-collection effect via closer and finer fingers design.
  • It has a track record of resistance to depravity induced power.
  • Its anti-reflecting coating enables more sunlight to be converted and captured.


We concentrate on delivering innovative and the best solar panels to our clients. Optimise your projects and opt for the right and efficient solar panel which suits your budget and requirements. Our solar panels facilitate efficient performance under low light surroundings. We adhere to standard quality controls, ensuring the efficient performance of our solar panels.

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