PERC Solar Module

PERC stands for “Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact”. They have grown in popularity over the last few years, to the point that they now contribute to more than 40% of the solar technology industry. Moreover, solar panels built using PERC modules contain an extra layer on the back of ordinary solar cells. As a result of this extra layer, more sunlight can be captured and converted into power; making PERC solar modules are more efficient than regular cells. Furthermore, PERC modules can reduce back recombination and prevent longer wavelengths from producing heat, which would decrease cell performance.

PERC modules, like other high-efficiency modules, can be used to maximize production on a small roof surface. PERC modules would be a fantastic choice if you are placing them on partially shaded small roof areas or buildings.


Key features:


  • Perfect for large installations
  • Excellent surface quality.
  • One of the most trusted modules in the industry
  • Due to stringent quality control, it is highly reliable.
  • Certified to overcome difficult environmental conditions.


Why choose PERC solar module?




Although Perc modules are more expensive, the efficiency level of each panel is significantly higher, justifying the initial expense.

Furthermore, as the number of solar modules decreases, so will the cost of installation and components such as inverters, racking, and wiring, saving a significant portion of the project cost.


Requires minimum modifications


PERC solar panels require just minor modifications to the existing manufacturing process. Manufacturers can begin making better efficiency PERC modules at a low cost without incurring substantial capital expenditures.


Low manufacturing costs


Aside from high-efficiency PERC modules, existing infrastructure technologies can be used to make them with minimal investment in the manufacturing process. The PERC solar module technology is relatively simple and requires little training for production staff who are already familiar with other types of solar panel manufacture.


Highly adaptable


When compared to typical modules, PERC solar panels are enhanced with additional layers, allowing them to function effectively in both low light and high-temperature settings.


The solar power plant that uses PERC modules generates power early in the day and can continue to produce energy until late in the day, eventually producing more energy than any other standard panel.