Multicrystalline Solar Panels

Tamesol’s portfolio of high-efficiency multicrystalline solar panels is developed to facilitate contractors, EPCs, solar developers, and installers with cost-effective and reliable options for both utility-scale and commercial solar energy projects. Our solar panel obtainment resolutions are backed by an adaptable solar financing medium developed to help photovoltaics (PV) corporations accelerate growth, reduce their procurement costs, and unlock value. We are providing innovative solar panels at competitive prices and ensuring their performance efficiency.


Tamesol Multicrystalline Solar Panel Features:


Multicrystalline solar panels are more efficient than other variants that are available in the market. They have the highest level of efficiency and are well suited for big projects. At Tamesol, we offer innovative solutions that match the requirements for the evolving demands of today’s PV industry.

To acquire the ultimate cost-effective variant of solar panels, Tamesol founded an advanced generation of high-efficiency multicrystalline solar panels. This robust solar panel incorporates silicon wafers, with multi-busbar cell technology, high-density encapsulation, and PERC, enhancing the efficiency remarkably.

  • Elevated Cell-to-Module proportion via explicit cell conversion efficiency categorization.
  • Phenomenal electrical long-term reliability and stability.
  • Works well under a less light ambience.
  • Classified efficiency quality by both current and minimum power.
  • It has phenomenal temperature coefficient attributes.
  • Low deterioration rate by using first-rate, long-lasting wafers.
  • 100% segregated for shunt resistance and reverse current.
  • Hassle-free to solder as used supreme or high-quality conductive materials and regular tracking soldering attributes.

Our multicrystalline solar panels are manufactured using best-in-class and state-of-art raw materials and we adhere to strict quality control. We manufacture certified, efficient and high-performance solar panels that function well under less light surroundings. We facilitate exclusive services to our clients of logistics and customs to ensure seamless services.


Improved Reliability and Performance: Tamesol Multicrystalline Solar Panel


The multi-busbar enhances the performance of the multicrystalline solar panels and the robust technology eradicates losses induced by ribbon resistance, thereby enhancing the comprehensive efficiency of the solar panels. In addition, solar panels have demonstrated phenomenal performance at low irradiance. It also eradicates the impact of hot spot effects and micro-cracks enabling reliability improvements.

The multicrystalline solar panel is designed to facilitate higher module conversion and ensure improved performance. The users can depend on its performance as it provides high-level illumination. The solar panels are developed to eliminate the shading effect and less mismatch to ensure a low level of risk of hot spot effects.